Paper Grain

The decision on what kind of surface use ultimately affects the mood of the drawing. There are so many kinds of paper and so little time. I tend to like the “wove paper” that printmakers use. The darks don’t get as shiny when working with graphite because they’re less likely to get opaque without serious effort. Texture requires a more …

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Making Watercolors 

Recently I went through my pigments and chose some colors to supplement my watercolor palette. After wetting the pigments I added Gum Arabic, glycerin, and in some cases Kremer watercolor medium. Two of the pigments had surface tension which was broken with a few drops of isopropyl alcohol.

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Justin Wiest’s Blog

Welcome to Justin Wiest’s blog. Here you will find an exploration on realistic painting in modern times. Classical techniques and traditional painting methods through the eyes of a living painter.